Sierra West Construction Cost Data

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Sierra West construction cost data will be presented in e4Clicks Project Estimator.  Create and share estimates! The best part about using electronic data: no more spreadsheets, no more finding the books, and typing line items to build your estimate.  Easily search and find line items and build estimates more efficiently!  Quickly access your Sierra West line items, notes, pricing info, and more!

By using e4Clicks Project Estimator, with Sierra West electronic construction cost data, you will:

  • Manage multiple estimates within a single software program.
  • Save time and reduce errors by getting out of spreadsheets to estimate!
  • Having electronic data will improve efficiency with the power to sort, filter, modify, and run reports.
  • Better define project scopes, produce more accurate estimates, and manage construction work from concept thru close out.
  • Ability to incorporate additional line items from Sierra West cost books or create your own pricing.
  • Always maintain your historical estimates to look back on and compare!

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