Tips For Evaluating a Construction Estimating Tool for Your Business

October 27, 2015

How Do You Know Whether that Construction Estimating Tool Is a Good One?

A high-quality construction estimating tool is critical to the smooth day-to-day running of your business. There is a variety of estimating manuals on the market today, offering their versions of construction costs for those in the industry. However, the reality is that these manuals are not all created evenly. If you are seeking the right tool to help you do your job better, Sierra West Construction Costs manuals have you covered and are superior to the competition in so many ways.

  • You Get What You Pay For
    Price is an important indicator of worth when it comes to a construction estimation tool for your business. You get what you pay for when it comes to such tools. Bargain pricing on such manuals typically come as a red flag that the quality may be less than stellar.
  • Open Shop AND Union Costs?
    How comprehensive the manual is should be a determining factor of whether or not it is a good choice for your business. Only Sierra West Current Construction Cost manuals include both open shop and union costs in the same book.
  • Does the Manual Fit YOUR Business?
    How much versatility does the estimating tool offer your small business? If you are considering an estimating tool for your team, ensure that it is suitable for use by different professionals: architects, owners, engineers, and others. Versatility should also extend to being able to use it for various types of construction such as concrete, wood, and steel.
  • Is that Manual Customizable?
    The guide you choose should be relatively generic so that professionals from a variety of fields can customize it to their needs.
  • Was that Manual Written for Estimators (BY Estimators)?
    The manual should be easy to understand and user-friendly, like the Sierra West Publishing manuals. Easy usage makes them more likely to yield maximum value for your business. The for-estimators- by- estimators approach used to put together these manuals ensures that they are simple for estimators and other construction professional to understand and follow.
  • Nothing Crucial Left Out, Right?
    A construction estimation tool for your business should be completely comprehensive. The Sierra West Publishing manuals have over 14,000 items included. Manuals with significantly fewer items may not be able to handle your big jobs.
  • How Are Costs Adjusted to Stay Current?
    A company should be transparent in how it increases costs yearly on the items in its manual. Sierra West Publishing information is handled in a strategic manner taking into a variety of factors including the index inflation. Our goal is to provide the most precise cost setting information available.
  • Can You Trust Your Construction Estimating Manual?
    In your search for the right construction estimation tool, it is important to know how useful it is. Because estimators create our construction estimating manuals for estimators, you get a product that makes sense to you, and one you know is useful.

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