Current Construction Costs

Special Sections

  • Foreward
  • Seismic Zone Map
  • Major Cities Cost Relationship Index
  • Abbreviations
  • Sierra West Current Construction Cost Indexes
  • Wage Rate Recap
  • Glossary
  • Index

The Sierra West Publishing – Current Construction Cost Manual is used by architects, engineers, estimators and contractors within private industry and public agencies across the United States. The Manual is in its 52th year of publication, and is published annually by Sierra West Publishing. It is the only specifically designated construction cost resource in the California State Register for public school construction.

This publication is the “standard” for construction costs, it is the only cost reference specifically named in the California State Register for school construction costs, and contains approximately 13,000 items of commercial construction arranged in the standard CSI 16 division numbering system which is still utilized in most private and some public works projects. Also included in the publication is the Wage Rate Recap, Sierra West Current Construction Cost Index, Major Cities Cost Relationship Index, including Canada, and abbreviations used in the industry.

Each cost item has the following information:

  • Code Number;
  • Stand-Alone Descriptions;
  • Unit of Measure;
  • Material Costs;
  • “Open Shop” and Union Installation Costs;
  • Total Costs; and
  • Man-Hours.

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