Top 12 Reasons Your Team Needs the Best Construction Costs Manual

January 21, 2016

What Makes the Sierra West Construction Costs Manuals the Industry Favorite?

Every business has its own industry-specific bible, a go-to resource that is referenced daily. For those in the construction industry, no other go-to manual is as useful and as accurate as the Sierra West Publishing Current Construction Costs Manual. It is the gold standard for construction costs on the west coast of the country and has earned its rave reviews from users throughout the country.

What Happens When You Use Sierra West Construction Costs Manuals

There are many reasons Sierra West is the industry favorite for construction cost manuals. When we ask our long-term customers what keeps them coming back for more, here’s what we hear:

  1. You know what we need to know.
    The fact that our manuals were created by estimators, for estimators, means you get all the information you need for precise construction cost estimating in an easy-to-understand format, with no frills.
  2. Open shop and union costs all in one place.
    It is the most comprehensive manual available on the market today including both open shop and union installation costs, a unique feature that sets it apart from the competition.
  3. The industry standard, especially if you’re building in California.
    The State of California requires that those involved in the building of a school refer to the Sierra West Construction Cost manual. Also, our manuals are used and trusted by well-respected organizations such as Stanford University, The California State University, San Diego State University and The University of Tennessee at Knoxville.
  4. Accuracy is everything.
    Your estimates are more accurate using the Sierra West manuals, as the proprietary methods used to create the costs give the most precise numbers possible.
  5. It’s ALL in there.
    With over 14,000 items in the cost estimating manual, there is no more exhaustive resource on the market today.
  6. Customizable for dead-on accuracy.
    Our manuals are extremely versatile, allowing you to apply your own limits to the generic guide that contains actual costs. That means you can adapt your project to either steel, concrete or wood builders.
  7. It’s the manual you’ll actually USE.
    Our user-friendly manuals are easy to use and always accurate, so you come in under budget every time.
  8. Residential? Commercial? It’s in there.
    Whether you offer residential or commercial construction, Sierra West Publishing has you covered with manuals you can trust.
  9. It’s accurate, no matter where you’re building in the USA.
    Material pricing from 20 cities throughout the country is used to create a Material Indicator for our manuals.
  10. Union labor? Got it covered, accurately.
    The Labor Indicator is primarily based on the cost of union labor from different parts of the country.
  11. In-Place Construction? No mystery here.
    The In-Place Construction costs are also factored into the CCC Index and include the cost of sub-contractor-in-place, including the prices charged.
  12. Guess less, please customers more.
    A trusted manual with a reputation for accuracy and completeness removes all the guesswork from estimating, so your customers are always pleased with your accuracy.

Sierra West Publishing is a trustworthy provider of construction cost controls. With decades in the business, you can put your faith in a company that has grown and learned much from its customers, over the years. It has committed to always providing only the best in cost pricing to allow you to do your job even better.

Choose the standard in construction cost estimating and ensure you have the most accurate pricing available when you are estimating a job. With Sierra West Publishing, you get data that is beyond compare. Check out the different manuals we offer for the very best cost estimate you can create.